Media Release – Michelle Lee – tough days but still smiling

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Pacific Crossing Press Updates | 0 comments

Although the end is in sight, this last section of the Coral Sea, has proven to be the most trying of her over 200-day voyage.

Having waved goodbye to Cyclone Gabrielle which kept her locked up for over a week, Cyclone Judy and Cyclone Kevin made their appearance shortly afterwards, resulting in another 5 days of lockdown, forcing her to deploy drogue anchor and unable to row. 

In true Michelle fashion, this time was not wasted, and was spent on a considerable amount of self-care, which included her last set of fresh sheets for her cabin and a day spent on deck in the pouring rain fully lathered up in a substantial amount of shampoo, getting ready for the finish line.

Michelle’s spirits remain high, she is back on the oars again and despite some southerly winds and challenging currents, she is giving it her all to maintain a good westerly direction.

One major windfall this last week was finding two large stashes of easter eggs in one of her hatches, and a piccolo of her favourite sparkling wine which she indulged in whilst she hopes to be her last full moon at sea.

She has sufficient food supplies to see her journey to completion, however, they are now basic – breakfast consists of rice and cuppa soup whilst dinner continues to be dehydrated meals. 

There is still no confirmation as to which port she will be coming into.  That will remain the decision of her land support crew with her safety has the primary factor. 


  • Days at Sea: 217
  • Current Location: Approximately 1,250 km from Sydney, approximately 880 km from Cairns.
  • Distance travelled: Approximately (7,220 nm) 13,370 km from Mexico 
  • Departed: Ensenada on the West Coast of Mexico 8th August in 2022
  • Expected Arrival: Late March / April – North coast Queensland, Australia