Media Release – Michelle Lee – Homeward Bound

by | Mar 25, 2023 | Pacific Crossing Press Updates | 1 comment

Now on the final stretch, Michelle Lee has covered over 300km over the last 8 days on her journey from the West Coast of Mexico to Australia. Rowing her boat ‘Australian Maid’ solo, non-stop and unassisted she is now down to the last 400km with a homecoming likely this side of Easter.

The week started off with amazing conditions, good winds and currents which allowed her to make significant daily progress. However, the last 3 days she has needed to deploy the drogue anchor, hopefully for last time, to hold her steady whilst waves crash down on her bow, with wind pushing her north and relentless rain making rowing conditions extremely tough and unsafe.

Cabin bound; Michelle has used this time to connect with loved ones as she starts the process to prepare for what’s to come when she puts her feet back on home soil.

Her support team are working around the clock to ensure she arrives home safely and gets the homecoming worthy of her record-breaking achievement.

The plan is for Michelle to row into Cairns. She will have a vessel meet her about 20 miles out which will guide her through the reef. Once inside, a smaller vessel will guide her to her landing location. It won’t be without its challenges. Her ground team are considering the tides, winds and currents that may have their say at the last minute.  

On a recent conversation with Michelle, we asked if she was able to comprehend the shear enormity of what she is about to accomplish. In true Michelle spirit she responded “Well, I just see it as I have done exactly what I set out to do”.

With the end in sight, Australia is wishing her a safe passage in these last days.


  • Days at Sea: 229
  • Current Location: Approximately 400 km from Cairns, Australia.
  • Distance travelled: Approximately 13,920 km from Mexico 
  • Departed: Ensenada on the West Coast of Mexico 8th August in 2022
  • Expected Arrival: Early April – Cairns, Queensland, Australia