Michelle Lee the Solo Rower Arrives in Cairns

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Pacific Crossing Press Updates | 0 comments

Michelle Lee has finally landed in Cairns after rowing alone across the Pacific Ocean, dodging five hurricanes and four cyclones and surviving a shark leaping into her boat, Michelle Lee was to end an epic 240-day journey at Cairns in Queensland Australia on Monday.

There were many fans, loved ones waiting with a stack of pancakes and a hot shower for Michelle much to her delight. These were Michelle’s first footsteps on dry land in 8 months since she paddled out of Ensenada, Mexico, on 8 August last year.

Strong outgoing tides and the Great Barrier Reef made the final part of the journey very difficult for Michelle but she refused to give up.

Michelle  who is a 50-year-old massage therapist from Sydney’s north-west took several days to stagger her journey through the Great Barrier Reef. Rising at 2am to navigate the tides and passages on a revised route that saw her land 58km north of her intended destination, at the palm-fringed resort town of Port Douglas on Wednesday.